Thursday 17 October 2013

What is Visual authority

One of my client's who is a Finance Head of a large Corporation mentioned   that at home his teenage kids did not listen to him. He was not taken as seriously at home as he was at office.

My next step was to ask him a simple question "what do you wear when you are home ?". He said that he wore his faded  long shorts and a round neck  worn out T shirt.

Now, friends, what he lacked was VISUAL AUTHORITY at home. His children did not find him eligible for respect . Some how, subconsciously they had formed an image of their father based on the way he dressed himself . He was being treated as one of them by his children. He did not have the Image of a Father figure.

So, Visual authority is the authority you are able to generate in your personality just by the way you dress up and carry yourself. For eg:- a man from the armed forces automatically garners more respect and authority than a normal civil guy  only based on his whole countenance.