Monday 14 October 2013

Is Image Management a Westernised Concept ??

I was going through the History of Fashion in Ancient India when I realised that most of the clothes worn were directly off the loom. Clothes in ancient India were never stitched. It was considered in auspicious. Cotton , linen and silk were common fabrics.

Yet, there existed so many different styles and silhouettes which people  wore differently (clothes, ornaments, fabrics, drapes ) every time  while attending various functions, marriages, courts , public sports events,work , religious ceremonies.etc.

 Is it not true for present day also ? We all manage our Image to some extent for various occasions where ever we can.

So when we talk of Image Management which works on a basic frame work of 4 As - Attractive, Authentic, Appropriate and Affordable,.. are we really propagating a westernised concept. ??

We, as Indians, have always been aware of the Importance of Image Management . It is nothing new to us.

So why not engage an Image Consultant for your self or your organisation to get in touch with the contemporary ways of Image management.?