Friday 4 October 2013

Image Management is superficial ???????

How can we say that Image management is not a superficial shallow process , concentrated only on the outward aspects of a person ?

Let me take an everyday example. You have dressed up and gotten yourself ready for the office. When you are walking on the road towards the bus stop, or the train station or towards your car,, you meet your friend who compliments you on the way you look. eg :- Wow!! you are looking great today. This shirt is really suiting you. :)

  1. : How does it make you feel ?
  2. : Is it a good start to your day ?
  3. : Do you feel good about yourself?
  4. : Do you feel more confident?
  5. : Are you more productive throughout the day ?
  6. : Are you able to smile more and frown less on that day?

Some where at the back of your mind, you are confident about the way world is perceiving you.

Like , Ms. Judith Rasband (one of the Certified Image Masters from Conselle Institute of Image management says ), Image Management is an  'INSIDE OUT ' process. The way you look affects the way you  think, feel , act and behave.

Adding another dimension to this ....The way we think , feel , act and behave with others affects the way they react or respond to us.

Q7 : So when you are generally in a good mood the whole day, do the colleagues seem more cooperative?
Q8 : Does the boss seem more friendly and accommodating ?

So would you still say that Image Management is just a superficial process????