Wednesday 12 April 2017

11 dressing tips for petite and pear shaped girls

11 dressing tips for Petite/short and pear shaped/bottom heavy girls (less than 5.3’’)

1)   Make sure the shoulders are narrow and stitched on the shoulder bone rather than the curve.

2)   Dresses will always look best on you.
Dress Length should  just touch at the knee or a bit above it (formal clothes) ….you can go shorter for casual dresses .

3)   Avoid pockets completely because they add weight to your silhouette.

4)   Make sure you invest in an eye catching neckpiece which draws the attention upwards thus adding length to your frame.

5)   If you do have pockets in the trousers of shirt, make sure you get them sewn and sealed .

6)   Length of your trouser is very important. It should not be too long or too short. Avoid Capri styles by all means because they cut the leg’s length.

7)   The in seam of your trouser should be as close to the real measurement as possible so as to give length to your leg.

8)   Keep the 1:2 ratio in mind for your body silhouette in case you are wearing separates. The top of the body should look one part of the total three parts  vertically. And the legs should be two parts visually.

9)   Necklines should be V or scooped preferably.

10) Arms should not be covered completely. Half or 3/4th of the arms should be showing.

11)A little bit of skin show adds length visually.