Saturday 19 December 2015

Body language

Monday 14 December 2015

Monika Kaushik sent you an image file!

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Rotary project

Training under priveleged to become confident make up artists.
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Image correction for Govt officials

Changing Image of Government officials

Trained around 150 officers of the Civil services cadre for a government division.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Connect between travel and thoughts

Am sitting at the airport and feeling new.. fresh new invigorating thoughts are coming to me...i realise that getting out of our daily lives helps us break our thought patterns...we get too caught up in the web of daily chores and activities..our thoughts get aligned to patterns...being away from that helps us get a third person perspective on things on our life..we might find solutions to niggling problems..we may give up a self defeating thought or habit...we may plan to do something in a new and more productive way.
Nowadays, on a daily basis our lives are dominated by electronic media, phone calls, client meetings,work, etc. We just keep running on the ferris wheel without actually reaching anywhere.

With a regular cappucino at hand and almost an hour before i board the aircraft, here i sit sharing with you my thoughts.
Could you plan a short vacation at least a 1000 miles away from home? Without an agenda. Just to sit around and mull over stuff...just to not think actively but watch your thoughts like an observer.