Tuesday 16 September 2014

Dance and Image Management

There are so many dance forms out there in the world, be it , Flamenco, Salsa, Ballet, Tango etc. An equal number of them can be found in our very own country India.
Have you ever noticed that each of these dance forms has a different type of costume associated  with it ?
Artists performing a particular dance form always wears a particular dress, ornaments, make up and footwear.
In the basic premise of Image Management , we say, that how you dress up and present yourself affects the way you think, feel act and behave. It also decides how others react to us.
Coming back to the artist / dancer / dance performer. Once they get into that particular costume for the dance, they embody the character they are depicting. They think, feel and act like a performer. The audience are able to relate with them that way.
Does the same principle  apply to the various roles we play in our lives ?
Does the way we dress up determine and announce the role we will be playing at any given point of the day? Does our choice of clothes  decide how we think, feel , act and behave in our roles? Does our choice of clothes help others relate better to the role we are playing at a given point of time?