Wednesday 27 November 2013

Should we give so much importance to clothes (2)?

Consider another scenario.

You are on an annual holiday trip to another city where you need immediate medical attention. Some locals guide you to a well known Doctor's clinic. You go to the clinic and sit in the waiting area to be called in the chambers by the doctor.
The waiting area is full of degrees and qualifications proclaiming the doctor's experience and expertise that the doctor has earned through the years.

And then you are called to his chamber.

The moment you enter, you see a man, totally dishevelled , sitting in a Post man's uniform.

He declares that he is the doctor.

What are the thoughts going on in your mind?
Are you confident about this guy ?
Would you allow him to treat you?
Would you allow him to give you that injection?
Would you suddenly change your mind and run out?

Can you still say that what one wears is not that important? 

Monday 25 November 2013

Should we give so much importance to clothes (1)?

A lot of times I get this question from my clients that " Clothes are just an external entity. What really matters is how we are from within"

I certainly do not refute the importance of our internal make up ( values, beliefs, personality, character), yet let us consider a scenario.

It is a bright sunny day and you had a perfect start to your day. But, got delayed for an important meeting because you lingered over your morning cuppa. So, at top speed you get ready , run down the stairs (considering you are into fitness ;)) , jump into your car and speed up.

You tend to jump the red light on the first traffic lights. A man, Mr.X standing in plain clothes waves at you to stop.  Would you bother to stop ??

Then on the second traffic light , a man, Mr.Y in uniform raises a half -hearted hand at you.

 Is that enough to bring you to a screeching halt ??


Why ?

 Because the second guy is in a uniform and you subconsciously reacted to the authority which his uniform/ dress projected.

Mr.X in plain clothes did not garner that much authority from you. And how much time did it take you for deciding whether to stop or not ... 3 to 5 seconds or probably less.

Friday 15 November 2013

Expectation management for future brides

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Question asked by the AMBITIOUS

How do I improve my personality ???

I always come across a lot of young people who ask this question. There are actually 2 main ways of doing it.

1) Improve your PHYSICAL FITNESS- This entails a few things like :-
                 - Regular exercise or adopt a sport.
                 - Getting your energy levels up and keeping them that way
                 - Balanced food according to your age, height and physical activity levels.
                 - Work on your appearance (clothes, body language, grooming, hygiene, etiquette)
                 - Work on your vocal cords and improve your communication.

Improve your INTELLECTUAL FITNESS - This entails :-
               - Reading books by famous authors
               -Friends with learned people
               - Exposure to new experiences of varied nature.

All this will help you develop self confidence and self esteem which will reflect positively in your personality.  

Top 9 ways to make a good impression at work

Top 9 ways to make a good impression at work 

1    Use proper office etiquette-  make sure you are properly versed with the various business etiquette principles. It is expected of you.

     Face up to your mistakes- Own up or be ready to take the responsibility if anything goes wrong. Never try to shift blame

        K  now when to call in sick to work

        Come through in a crisis- Try to be a part of the solution and not a part of he problem

     Know what topics to avoid discussing- religious, political,too personal etc topics should be avoided. Rest can be gauged from the office culture.

     Managing time effectively
     Dress appropriately
     Avoid offending your co workers
   Represent your company well at business meeting

Thursday 7 November 2013

Top 6 benefits of Image building

  1. Affects the way you think- It is capable of changing the way you think about your self. Lifts your mood and helps overcome depression. 
  2. Affects the way you act- Boosts your self image and self confidence.
  3. Affects the way you behave- you come across as more competent and trust worthy, active, energetic and youthful.
  4. Affects the way you feel about the world around you and yourself- You are able to see new positive directions and renew enthusiasm in life. 
  5. Affects the way the world reacts to you- you become a role model for others.
  6. It is an ongoing process which gets better and better by the day as you try out new looks and gain confidence in experimentation.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Top 13 day to day needs taken care of by Image buidling

1)Helps you get a brand new look which is in sync with your life style and personal style.

2)Update your existing wardrobe by maximising the use of your favourite clothes you already have.

3) Overcome fashion fear - get a control over the clothes and avoid being a fashion victim.

4) Confidence to experiment with new looks.

5)Understand the color system and remove the limitations with regard to wearing color.

6)Learn to dress slim and smart without actually going through the rigaramole of losing weight.

7)Learning finer points of Make up ( for women), hair styling, grooming etc.

8)Learning how to manage your wardrobe.

9)Selecting and coordinating accessories in a skilled manner.

10) Syncing the employee image with the company's image. Upgrading the company's image.

11) Feel comfortable and at ease while travelling and dining out.

12) Improve body language for better communication and interaction.

13) Improve etiquette for business and social situations so that you come across as more confident and in control.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Top 3 reasons for people to want to change

People usually are very complacent about their life situations and find it hard to change themselves. Yet there are 3 main instances which might force the person to want to bring about a change in themselves.

1) During times of change - When the socio political conditions around them are changing. Economy is either looking up or going downwards. Changing external scenarios  are either throwing up opportunities for them or there is a dearth of opportunities.

2)At crossroads of life - When a person is at a stage where he has to take decisions which might affect  his future.

3)At times of crisis- Crisis could be professional eg- losing your job, losing an important account. Crisis could be personal  eg- death in the family, divorce or a break up.