Wednesday 16 October 2013

Cycling = Image Management

Cycling = Image Management

Learning and adopting Image Management process can be compared to learning how to cycle.

1) First of all, you cannot learn Image Management only by reading books or googling on the net  ;)
You need to have some one , holding your hand ( like someone holding your bicycle from behind)  while you try to get your balance.

2) You need to let go of your fear of the unknown....

3) You need to be ready to take the  fall at times.

4) Practice. Practice. Practice. These 3 words will soon make you an expert in some time.

5) After all,If you need to learn a life skill, you need to sit on the seat of the cycle with one foot on the pedal and other on the ground . And , finally pedal with one foot while you let go off the ground from other foot . THAT FIRST STEP NEEDS TO BE TAKEN.

Right ???