Wednesday 3 December 2014

Story : Clothes change your mindset

Through my following particular story , I wish to highlight the comment made by one of the braveheart girls from Rohtak (Haryana) who had the spunk and courage to beat up the boys who misbehaved with them in the bus.
Both the girls were invited on prime time television to share their first hand experience. Wherein, one of the girls mentioned that she felt much more confident , alert and agile because she was wearing jeans and T-shirt. Had she been wearing a salwar -suit she would have been more conscious about her dupatta being off her shoulders than fighting off these miscreants.
She also made a very important point regarding the denim fabric which was much more capable of handling wear and tear because of its weaving as compare to a cotton cloth which might have gotten torn  during the scuffle.
Here is when my Image consultant brain kicked in and I clearly realised that this was another live example of how clothes affect our mindset in dealing with our life situations. The clothes some times decide our reactions to certain situations. The clothes sometimes decide if we can go ahead and be bold and confident or hold ourselves back to preserve our dignity.
My salute to these two brave hearts . We certainly require more of them and more media attention provided to them so that the other girls from across my country and other parts of the world would muster courage against any kind of abuse.
More of such clothes be designed , more of such fabrics be used which provide them with safety , security and the comfort to go ahead and do whatever they feel like which would strengthen them and help them own their power.

Friday 7 November 2014

Client Feedback

Sharing another latest feedback from one of my clients who is a Certified
Life coach..........
"Your competency as image consultant is evident now as I implemented and witness sharp positive changes in generating desired perspectives from people and their response toward me. They accept me at ease at a glance and that allows me to show case my potential even more so as to create more possibilities of expression . I am Generating expansion in my relationships with all.
Your sharp senses and spirituality is resonating in work and life. The spiritual path that you have been following has enabled you to master professional skills."

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Dance and Image Management

There are so many dance forms out there in the world, be it , Flamenco, Salsa, Ballet, Tango etc. An equal number of them can be found in our very own country India.
Have you ever noticed that each of these dance forms has a different type of costume associated  with it ?
Artists performing a particular dance form always wears a particular dress, ornaments, make up and footwear.
In the basic premise of Image Management , we say, that how you dress up and present yourself affects the way you think, feel act and behave. It also decides how others react to us.
Coming back to the artist / dancer / dance performer. Once they get into that particular costume for the dance, they embody the character they are depicting. They think, feel and act like a performer. The audience are able to relate with them that way.
Does the same principle  apply to the various roles we play in our lives ?
Does the way we dress up determine and announce the role we will be playing at any given point of the day? Does our choice of clothes  decide how we think, feel , act and behave in our roles? Does our choice of clothes help others relate better to the role we are playing at a given point of time? 

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Monday 9 June 2014


Story 4.. Image management

The email window suddenly popped up while Mr. Akhare sat at his laptop informing him of the  important meeting in  next ten minutes.

These meetings were like a nightmare for Mr.Akhare. He dreaded them. His team lacked synergy. His bosses were dismissive of him. Nobody gave importance to his views during the meetings and the office. He would meet the months targets but become tongue tied the moment he was to speak in front of a crowd. He struggled for words though he was an expert at various topics.  His lack of confidence was very apparent to everybody.

But the problem was very generic for Mr.Akhare. He found everyone else better than him. He would look at them the way they dressed, the way they talked, the way they carried themselves., and confidently         
entertained clients.

 He seemed to lack in every aspect despite being a performer and having earned the requisite qualifications through the years.
He would brood on these points regularly. But, like always it had happened in his life, solutions seem to pop up as soon as he could define his problem clearly.
And the solution came in form of Ms.More, the Image Consultant.
The efficient and professional Ms.More started with her Individual consulation by assessing his specific needs and the lifestyle he led. They started off with making small changes in his lifestyle and becoming more aware of the image he needed to project in various situations. Plus they worked on the things needed to project the image . These things were:-
1)  His dressing style
2)  His grooming
3)  His Body language
4)  His etiquette
5)  His communication.

In order to make his image authentic and permanent ,  the changes were made according to his  life values, attitudes ,personal style, personality and physical characteristics.

The changes were incorporated slowly through the months. And then magic happened!!!!!
Mr. Akhare started seeing a difference in the reactions and attitides of his wife and kids at home first .He was being paid more attention. Getting more respect. Same pattern was repeated at office, his colleageues and his bosses.

He slowly gained confidence. He started concentrating on himself and his skills and achievements instead of looking at others and feeling small. He was on an upward spiral of a good life. Addressing groups became his hobby. He enjoyed the attention and adulation now.

Again today, the email window popped up. His boss informed him about his promotion and a major hike in his salary. He would now do the job , he always dreamed of and had prepared for. Secretly for so long. The salary hike would see his kids through good colleges in the coming years.
He had learned to love himself and his image (which he saw in the mirror everyday)

Once he did that, everything fell into place. 

Sunday 4 May 2014

Story 2 -- Your appearance decides how others react to you.

Another  anecdote from our every day lives, which I would like to share with you.
The other day , one of my friends wanted me to accompany her to gather some information from a prospective school for her son's admission.
Now, this friend of mine is usually a little laid back and does not lay too much emphasis on her appearance and make up. 
That particular day, in the spirit of camaraderie I decided to dress down and did not wear even the basic make up which I usually do. 
And as luck would have it, my friend decided to go the whole way and dressed up very scrupulously.

Interesting ,and the life lesson ,for me , came along after we reached the school.
I was not given the expected reception by the counselling authorities ( though , I firmly believe that it was a subconscious reaction on their part).
Most of  my queries went half answered .
 If I happened to insist on some issue, they were quite impatient with me.  I must have come across as a non serious enquirer. I was totally unsuccessful in projecting my real self.
 Had I made even a slight effort in taking care of the Image I would be projecting, it would have given me a chance at least.
Being an Image Consultant, I was able to see the difference and attribute the cause of that situation.

My friend on the other hand was the Master of the Ceremony :)  

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Story 3 -- why I insist only on a particular hairdresser ?

Let me explain the term 'Body Image'  to you before I start telling you this story. Another story related to my field.;)

Body Image is described as the Image or perception we have of our physical self. Body Image is very important because it largely decides our self confidence and self esteem in any given situation in life.

Hair is an important part of our physical image.No wonder, hair weaving and restoration clinics are thriving . ( I saw this following line in one of the ads ' I saw my confidence falling alongwith my hair ")

So you can imagine how important hair  and hair style is.
So, now for the story.

I had gone to one of the regular salons for a  pedicure where I was talked into a hair cut by a desperate employee trying to meet his monthly target.
But, I realised my mistake after 2 days when I washed my hair. They were a mess. I tried to avoid looking at myself in the mirror.
Finally, I had to beg my original hair dresser to have a re look at my hair. Also, had to tell him the whole ( "Social Work") story of getting the hair cut because I wanted to help the employee reach his  sales target.
Amused and smiling benignly at me, ( must be calling me names inwardly) my hair dresser restored my hair shape and my CONFIdence.

God Bless him :)

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Why do I need an Image Consultant ?

Only an image consultant can help people project a winning image in all aspects.
An image consultant helps people in the following manner:
-Dressing as per roles and goals to create an appropriate clothing communication: An image consultant takes the client through a process of lifestyle evaluation, identifying the roles and goals and then suggesting levels of dressing in different situations to create a communication necessary in terms of authority, stability, trustworthiness approachability, etc.
-Dressing as per your body shape, variations and personal colours: There are eight different body shapes and many variations within them. Most people are not aware of this. An image consultant is equipped to identify your body shape and suggest ways and means to counter negative variations and enhance positive ones to create an attractive image.
-Incorporating personal style in dressing: Very often people find themselves uncomfortable while dressing as per the advice of other related professionals. This happens because their personal style is not incorporated in the clothing solution. Every individual has a personal style which they are not aware of consciously. An image consultant has the knowledge and the tools to identify the personal style of an individual and then suggests a clothing solution which incorporates the same to create an authentic image.
-Buying clothes in cluster and smart shopping: When it comes to clothing, affordability is a big issue and people often buy on impulse and then regret their purchases. Also, many people suffer from the syndrome of buying lots of clothes and yet complaining of not having anything to wear for an important occasion or meeting. An image consultant guides a client on how to build their wardrobe in a cluster to create variety in an affordable manner. After evaluating the client's wardrobe and creating cluster plan sheets keeping in mind roles, goals, body shape and personal style, an image consultant may also accompany the client to buy clothes.
-Appropriate body language and etiquette: Body language is one of the biggest factors in visual communication and an image consultant advices a client on appropriate body language based on roles and occasions. Etiquette is a big part of creating an image. Correct etiquette in business and social situations goes a long way to create a powerful image. An image consultant takes the client through appropriate etiquette, be it dining, corporate meetings or any other.

Let your Image take you...

Story 1 -- How our Image of ourselves affects our performance

The other day, we all were busy doing our various yogic postures in the yoga class when one of our yoga mates ( no , it not mats !! :)) announced that she is shifting to Dubai.
All of us girls and particularly our Yoga teacher was sad about her leaving. So we planned to organise   a send off lunch for her in a traditional food joint.
On the appointed day all of us decked ourselves to the hilt in traditional wear and enjoyed the lunch with her.
And, while coming back our Yoga instructor informed that she has to conduct a class in the next half hour for one of her clients.She will have to go back home and change into her Yoga gear.

So, all of us suggested that she should conduct the class in the clothes she was wearing. It would save her time and energy . Besides , she had taken so much pains to deck up.

To which, her reply, brought me back to my professional doctrine .

She said that she would not be able to perform as a Yoga instructor in those clothes. She needed to be in her Yoga gear to be in the right frame of mind as an instructor and dispense herself as a professional. 

So, what you wear does affect your state of mind.

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