Saturday 19 March 2016

Classic patterns

 Rely on solid colors and classic patterns.
Next time when you look at a pattern anywhere, try and analyse it. How is the
What is attracting your eye?
You can make that pattern uniquely yours as you develop and refine your personal style.
Plan to work with lots of solid colored clothing pieces ( one single color) and a few terrific patterned pieces.
How to recognise classic patterns?
These patterns are always easily available. If you are aware from now on,
You will notice how familiar they are and never go out of style. Elements (line, shape ) will be small to medium and not large.
Examples of classic patterns - pin dot, pin stripe, polka dot, paisley, tattersall check, window pane plaid, herringbone, glenplaid, madras check.

Glen plaid

Window pane

Madras check



Pin dot

polka dot big

Polka dot medium

Saturday 5 March 2016

Neutral color and Accent color Palette


Build in your wardrobe, clothes that have neutral colors, versatile and flattering dulled or muted tones of every hue as well as black, white and gray.

How do you spot a neutral color. The less  bright the color, the more neutral it becomes. It should be fairly muted to look at.
Wardrobe neutrals are needed most by people employed in formal, conservative, public or service oriented businesses- also for those in leadership positions.
A darker wardrobe neutral in cooler weather and a lighter wardrobe neutral in summer/warm weather.

You can add bright or contrasting accent colors for more interest and variety.

But, what are accent colors? :)

Neutral colors


Friday 4 March 2016

Basic clothing style for Men

1) Tank tops, T-shirts, Polo shirt, sports shirts

2) Neutral colored- Mostly navy blue/Black/darkest brown sweaters/cardigans

3)Vest/Veskits-- Modi Jackets

4)Bermuda shorts


Crew neck t-shirt

Polo neck

Sports shirt

Turtle neck


Basic clothing styles for women

1) Collared t-shirts and tank tops in fine fabric in various brilliant solid colors, depending on the type of climate you live in

2) Neutral colored  collared/round neck ----Kurtas and churidars

3)Straight/flared/A-line /split skirt according to your height and body shape.

4)Straight leg/pleated/ stretch /studio----Trousers 

5) Cotton/pure wool /blended ---crew neck, turtle -neck cardigans /sweaters


Dresses and Indian Kurtas can be made and worn in these shapes

Dress shirt/Overcoat

Long vest/Veskit

Shirt dress with another style

This shape suits all body types. Can be made as a dress or a suit top/blouse/ Indian kurta

Turtle neck cardigans/t-shirts

Thursday 3 March 2016