Tuesday 22 April 2014

Story 1 -- How our Image of ourselves affects our performance

The other day, we all were busy doing our various yogic postures in the yoga class when one of our yoga mates ( no , it not mats !! :)) announced that she is shifting to Dubai.
All of us girls and particularly our Yoga teacher was sad about her leaving. So we planned to organise   a send off lunch for her in a traditional food joint.
On the appointed day all of us decked ourselves to the hilt in traditional wear and enjoyed the lunch with her.
And, while coming back our Yoga instructor informed that she has to conduct a class in the next half hour for one of her clients.She will have to go back home and change into her Yoga gear.

So, all of us suggested that she should conduct the class in the clothes she was wearing. It would save her time and energy . Besides , she had taken so much pains to deck up.

To which, her reply, brought me back to my professional doctrine .

She said that she would not be able to perform as a Yoga instructor in those clothes. She needed to be in her Yoga gear to be in the right frame of mind as an instructor and dispense herself as a professional. 

So, what you wear does affect your state of mind.