Monday 9 June 2014

Story 4.. Image management

The email window suddenly popped up while Mr. Akhare sat at his laptop informing him of the  important meeting in  next ten minutes.

These meetings were like a nightmare for Mr.Akhare. He dreaded them. His team lacked synergy. His bosses were dismissive of him. Nobody gave importance to his views during the meetings and the office. He would meet the months targets but become tongue tied the moment he was to speak in front of a crowd. He struggled for words though he was an expert at various topics.  His lack of confidence was very apparent to everybody.

But the problem was very generic for Mr.Akhare. He found everyone else better than him. He would look at them the way they dressed, the way they talked, the way they carried themselves., and confidently         
entertained clients.

 He seemed to lack in every aspect despite being a performer and having earned the requisite qualifications through the years.
He would brood on these points regularly. But, like always it had happened in his life, solutions seem to pop up as soon as he could define his problem clearly.
And the solution came in form of Ms.More, the Image Consultant.
The efficient and professional Ms.More started with her Individual consulation by assessing his specific needs and the lifestyle he led. They started off with making small changes in his lifestyle and becoming more aware of the image he needed to project in various situations. Plus they worked on the things needed to project the image . These things were:-
1)  His dressing style
2)  His grooming
3)  His Body language
4)  His etiquette
5)  His communication.

In order to make his image authentic and permanent ,  the changes were made according to his  life values, attitudes ,personal style, personality and physical characteristics.

The changes were incorporated slowly through the months. And then magic happened!!!!!
Mr. Akhare started seeing a difference in the reactions and attitides of his wife and kids at home first .He was being paid more attention. Getting more respect. Same pattern was repeated at office, his colleageues and his bosses.

He slowly gained confidence. He started concentrating on himself and his skills and achievements instead of looking at others and feeling small. He was on an upward spiral of a good life. Addressing groups became his hobby. He enjoyed the attention and adulation now.

Again today, the email window popped up. His boss informed him about his promotion and a major hike in his salary. He would now do the job , he always dreamed of and had prepared for. Secretly for so long. The salary hike would see his kids through good colleges in the coming years.
He had learned to love himself and his image (which he saw in the mirror everyday)

Once he did that, everything fell into place.