Wednesday 23 April 2014

Story 3 -- why I insist only on a particular hairdresser ?

Let me explain the term 'Body Image'  to you before I start telling you this story. Another story related to my field.;)

Body Image is described as the Image or perception we have of our physical self. Body Image is very important because it largely decides our self confidence and self esteem in any given situation in life.

Hair is an important part of our physical image.No wonder, hair weaving and restoration clinics are thriving . ( I saw this following line in one of the ads ' I saw my confidence falling alongwith my hair ")

So you can imagine how important hair  and hair style is.
So, now for the story.

I had gone to one of the regular salons for a  pedicure where I was talked into a hair cut by a desperate employee trying to meet his monthly target.
But, I realised my mistake after 2 days when I washed my hair. They were a mess. I tried to avoid looking at myself in the mirror.
Finally, I had to beg my original hair dresser to have a re look at my hair. Also, had to tell him the whole ( "Social Work") story of getting the hair cut because I wanted to help the employee reach his  sales target.
Amused and smiling benignly at me, ( must be calling me names inwardly) my hair dresser restored my hair shape and my CONFIdence.

God Bless him :)