Wednesday 3 December 2014

Story : Clothes change your mindset

Through my following particular story , I wish to highlight the comment made by one of the braveheart girls from Rohtak (Haryana) who had the spunk and courage to beat up the boys who misbehaved with them in the bus.
Both the girls were invited on prime time television to share their first hand experience. Wherein, one of the girls mentioned that she felt much more confident , alert and agile because she was wearing jeans and T-shirt. Had she been wearing a salwar -suit she would have been more conscious about her dupatta being off her shoulders than fighting off these miscreants.
She also made a very important point regarding the denim fabric which was much more capable of handling wear and tear because of its weaving as compare to a cotton cloth which might have gotten torn  during the scuffle.
Here is when my Image consultant brain kicked in and I clearly realised that this was another live example of how clothes affect our mindset in dealing with our life situations. The clothes some times decide our reactions to certain situations. The clothes sometimes decide if we can go ahead and be bold and confident or hold ourselves back to preserve our dignity.
My salute to these two brave hearts . We certainly require more of them and more media attention provided to them so that the other girls from across my country and other parts of the world would muster courage against any kind of abuse.
More of such clothes be designed , more of such fabrics be used which provide them with safety , security and the comfort to go ahead and do whatever they feel like which would strengthen them and help them own their power.