Tuesday 5 November 2013

Top 13 day to day needs taken care of by Image buidling

1)Helps you get a brand new look which is in sync with your life style and personal style.

2)Update your existing wardrobe by maximising the use of your favourite clothes you already have.

3) Overcome fashion fear - get a control over the clothes and avoid being a fashion victim.

4) Confidence to experiment with new looks.

5)Understand the color system and remove the limitations with regard to wearing color.

6)Learn to dress slim and smart without actually going through the rigaramole of losing weight.

7)Learning finer points of Make up ( for women), hair styling, grooming etc.

8)Learning how to manage your wardrobe.

9)Selecting and coordinating accessories in a skilled manner.

10) Syncing the employee image with the company's image. Upgrading the company's image.

11) Feel comfortable and at ease while travelling and dining out.

12) Improve body language for better communication and interaction.

13) Improve etiquette for business and social situations so that you come across as more confident and in control.