Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Question asked by the AMBITIOUS

How do I improve my personality ???

I always come across a lot of young people who ask this question. There are actually 2 main ways of doing it.

1) Improve your PHYSICAL FITNESS- This entails a few things like :-
                 - Regular exercise or adopt a sport.
                 - Getting your energy levels up and keeping them that way
                 - Balanced food according to your age, height and physical activity levels.
                 - Work on your appearance (clothes, body language, grooming, hygiene, etiquette)
                 - Work on your vocal cords and improve your communication.

Improve your INTELLECTUAL FITNESS - This entails :-
               - Reading books by famous authors
               -Friends with learned people
               - Exposure to new experiences of varied nature.

All this will help you develop self confidence and self esteem which will reflect positively in your personality.