Monday 25 November 2013

Should we give so much importance to clothes (1)?

A lot of times I get this question from my clients that " Clothes are just an external entity. What really matters is how we are from within"

I certainly do not refute the importance of our internal make up ( values, beliefs, personality, character), yet let us consider a scenario.

It is a bright sunny day and you had a perfect start to your day. But, got delayed for an important meeting because you lingered over your morning cuppa. So, at top speed you get ready , run down the stairs (considering you are into fitness ;)) , jump into your car and speed up.

You tend to jump the red light on the first traffic lights. A man, Mr.X standing in plain clothes waves at you to stop.  Would you bother to stop ??

Then on the second traffic light , a man, Mr.Y in uniform raises a half -hearted hand at you.

 Is that enough to bring you to a screeching halt ??


Why ?

 Because the second guy is in a uniform and you subconsciously reacted to the authority which his uniform/ dress projected.

Mr.X in plain clothes did not garner that much authority from you. And how much time did it take you for deciding whether to stop or not ... 3 to 5 seconds or probably less.