Wednesday 27 November 2013

Should we give so much importance to clothes (2)?

Consider another scenario.

You are on an annual holiday trip to another city where you need immediate medical attention. Some locals guide you to a well known Doctor's clinic. You go to the clinic and sit in the waiting area to be called in the chambers by the doctor.
The waiting area is full of degrees and qualifications proclaiming the doctor's experience and expertise that the doctor has earned through the years.

And then you are called to his chamber.

The moment you enter, you see a man, totally dishevelled , sitting in a Post man's uniform.

He declares that he is the doctor.

What are the thoughts going on in your mind?
Are you confident about this guy ?
Would you allow him to treat you?
Would you allow him to give you that injection?
Would you suddenly change your mind and run out?

Can you still say that what one wears is not that important?