Sunday 15 November 2015

My father in law

Thought of sharing another of my life stories wherein I get the insights about the effect of clothes on our psychology or mental make up.
Diwali or Deepawali is a grand affair in our family like Ganeshutsav is to Maharastrians and Durga pooja is to Bengalis.
We all get together as a family at the family's anscestral home on this occassion, buy clothes and sweets, light diyas, make sumptuous food etc.
This year when we reached our home town , my father in law met us with a month old beard which looked unkempt on his otherwise very handsome and graceful face.
Let me describe my father in law a bit.
He is someone who is totally self made like my own father is. His generation has been a part of India's struggle for finding her feet in the world.
Both of them have been the crisp and superbly intelligent Bankers of their time.
But , now my father in law is a spiritual recluse, contented with bare minimum and all the time glowing with the spiritual radiance of an enlightened soul.

Now, since it was Diwali , we kept imploring him to shave off his beard but he would not listen.
Two days before diwali , we together went to the shopping mall and brought him a few shirts, trousers and sweaters.
He loved the brand new clothes which fitted him well and the colors suited him.

Lo behold!! On the morning of Diwali day, we saw him in his resplendent old handsome avatar with a face clean shaven and new clothes.
He smilingly told all of us with a twinkle in his eyes that he thought that his looks  should suit his new clothes. So, he finally decided to get rid of the unkempt beard. He looked and felt much more happier and in sync with the festive spirit.
He was energetic and had a spring in his step because was looking and feeling great.

So, at least the new clothes had a positive impact on him.