Wednesday 11 November 2015

How clothes and general appearance affects a patient

Yesterday I went to visit a friend's dad who had suffered a paralytic stroke.

He was sitting in cotton track pants and a worn out kurta. Some successful sessions of physiotherapy had made his arm functional but the legs still were lifeless.

I sat and spoke with him for some time..he seemed  sad and morose. A little non attentive and listless too.
After some time, my friend's cousin who had come from the US suggested that we should click some pictures together.

My friend quickly changed her father into a well ironed crisp shirt. She spruced him up. Combed his hair and

I actually saw the transformation right in front of my eyes.
Uncle was suddenly so much more attentive and cheerful. He seemed to be filled with a new energy.
He was initiating conversation and smiling much more. I could see hope and happiness in his eyes when people around him commented about his happy and healthy look in the pictures.

This is when it struck me that how a small change in clothes and appearance had affected Uncle's mental frame work.