Thursday 9 June 2016

All season Fabric


Buy clothes made out of all season fabrics, light to medium weight wovens and knits, fabrics which you can wear for at least 10 months in a year. Then according to the weather , heavier or lighter layering can be done on top of these clothes. 

Examples of all season fabric - Crepe, Crepe de chine, Tallis, Broadcloth, satin, Jersey, Denim, Gabardine, Chinos, Medium weight corduroy, Microfibers, Faille, blends of cotton and linen, nylon acetate or acrylic create new options for all season fabrics nowadays.

Light weight fabrics are used to make t-shirts,thin blouses, skirts, shirts , dresses , shrugs, scarves etc

Medium weight fabrics are used to make shirts, suits, skirts, slacks, sports shirts