Friday 4 March 2016

Basic clothing styles for women

1) Collared t-shirts and tank tops in fine fabric in various brilliant solid colors, depending on the type of climate you live in

2) Neutral colored  collared/round neck ----Kurtas and churidars

3)Straight/flared/A-line /split skirt according to your height and body shape.

4)Straight leg/pleated/ stretch /studio----Trousers 

5) Cotton/pure wool /blended ---crew neck, turtle -neck cardigans /sweaters


Dresses and Indian Kurtas can be made and worn in these shapes

Dress shirt/Overcoat

Long vest/Veskit

Shirt dress with another style

This shape suits all body types. Can be made as a dress or a suit top/blouse/ Indian kurta

Turtle neck cardigans/t-shirts