Monday 30 September 2013


Do the clothes we wear and appearance really have an impact on the other person? I always thought that it is the talent, skill , education and inner qualities that matter?

Yes, what you say is completely true that skills and talents and inner values play an important part in defining success or getting promotion or getting work.
Yet,the clothes  you wear and your over all appearance have  as much important role to play.

Let me tell you  an imaginary situation.

Suppose , you are visiting an unknown city for the first time and have symptoms of  severe stomach ache and vomiting etc. Some one suggests that Dr.X is very good ,please consult him. Now, you go to his clinic and before you are able to meet him you get to see  certificates on the wall that proclaim that the doctor has a number of degrees and is well qualified.
But, the moment you enter his chamber you see that he is sitting in very untidy clothes full of stains, grime and with a very dishevelled appearance which indicates that he has zero hygiene and grooming sense.

-Would you be as enthusiastic about getting treatment from him?
-would you happily volunteer for an injection from him?
-what would be the level of your trust in that doctor?
-would you be doubting him and his expertise?
--would you be unsure about the line of treatment he suggests?
-Would you already have started planning about taking a second opinion from your doctor when you go back?
-What is the level authority that doctor has on you?
-what is his financial status according to you?